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America's Best Built Metal RV Covers

We are an authorized West Coast Metal Buildings dealer and offer their full line of metal buildings (see available building types below).we also provide various options for you to customize your building exactly how you want it to be. Personalize your building with the perfect color choices or upgrade it with different door & window options. 

Financing options are available.

Metal RV Cover

RV Cover A


18′ width x 41′ length x 12′ height

(3) Extra Panels

Extra Braces

Metal RV Cover B

RV Cover B


26′ width x 36′ x 10′ height

(2) Extra Panels

Extra Braces

Metal RV Cover C

RV Cover C

A-frame Horizontal

20′ width x 46′ length x 12′ height

(1) End Closed

(2) Sides Closed

Extra Braces

Metal RV Cover D

RV Cover D


20′ width x 31′ length x 12′ height

(2) Sides Closed

Extra Braces

Metal RV Cover E

RV Cover E

A-frame Vertical

18′ width x 40′ length x 14′ height

(1) End Closed

(2) Sides Closed

(1) Gable End

Extra Braces

Metal RV Cover F

RV Cover F

A-frame Vertical

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Metal Building Galvanized Steel
Metal Building Base Rail

Galvanized Steel 

All of the materials used are 100% galvanized steel

14 gauge (.075 inches) has a 10 Year Limited Warranty

12 gauge (.105 inches) has a 20 Year Limited Warranty

Base Rail  

The base rail is the foundation of the building

Each welded sleeve is approximately 4ft apart center to center. Longest single base rail that we manufacture is 25 feet long

Trusses and Bows
Sheet Metal Panels


Trusses and bows vary from sizes of 12 feet wide up to 60 feet wide

Sheet Panels   

Our Sheet Panels are 29 gauge and the longest single panel is 31′ long.

Metal Building Walk-in Doors
Metal Building Windows

Walk-in Doors 

Walk-in Doors 34″ width and 72″ height


Windows 30″ width x 30″ height

Metal Building Anchors
Metal Building Anchors

Standard Anchors

All buildings anchored to ground come with pin anchors unless building is being anchored down on concrete.

Additional Anchoring   

These are used for additional anchoring when needed.

Metal Building Brace
Metal Building Purlin


18 gauge braces used for center bracing and corner bracing.


Purlins / Hat Channels Frame piece on A-frame Vertical roof that runs horizontal so sheet panels can be attached.

Metal Building Vapor Barrier
Metal Building Rollup Door

Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier to reduce condensation on roof.

Roll-up Door

We offer sizes starting at 6′ x 7′ up to 14′ x 14′.

Metal Building J-Trim
Metal Building L-Trim

J Trim

J Trim used to trim out windows and walk-in doors.

L Trim

L Trim used to trim out roll-up doors and edges of sheet panels for horizontal roofs/sides.

Metal Building Ridge Cap
Metal Building Trim

Ridgecap Trim 

Ridgecap Trim Used for the peak of an A-frame Vertical where sheet panels meet.

Boxed Eve

Boxed Eve Used to cover truss overhang on A-frame styles where roof and side panels meet.

Body and Trim Colors

Body/Trim Colors


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